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June 09, 2009


Elizabeth Harper

Well that is great news! Congrats on the additional hours and your upcoming U.S. trip.


Hey, welcome (back) to the grind! The bookshop is lucky to have you and the timing does sound excellent.

ENJOY your upcoming trip and the 4-day work week when you return.

Happy summer and cheers from Sydney.

Anne A

Hi Kim, yes great news to boost your income, but heck, how you going to manage :-) :-) Has Caroline said they are lucky to have you, and just at the right time..excellent.

Hope you have a super trip back to America..I am sure you will. I am saving up to come back to Paris in the Autumn, hopefully, I will get there and we can meet up ..:-)

nyc/caribbean ragazza

Poverina! I kid. Buon Viaggio back to the States.

I just started looking for a job myself. Should be an interesting process.

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