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July 09, 2009


Diana Strinati Baur

YAYAYAYAY!! I LOVE IT!!! So happy and positive and cheerful! Good going, a nice way of reminding you of all the good things to come!

Elizabeth Harper

It looks great and I know you must be very happy! I love the picture of you in the mirror too.

Question for you...how high are your ceilings? I've been thinking about more storage solutions for your space after your previous post. Not that you asked me to get involved..:)


Bravo! So bright and cheerful.

Cheers and well done.

Anne A

Love it, very bright and cheery :-) :-)

Kim B.

Thanks guys for all the sweet comments! (I can't believe there's still anyone around checking out my blog since I've been on hiatus for so long!)

I also like how in the morning the sun coming in creates a bit of a glow through the closed curtain.

Elizabeth -- our ceilings aren't very high. Marco has installed three sets of shelves in the kitchen, which helps. We also have difficulty because large portions of our walls (where one could normally install shelves) are in fact host to sliding doors, so there's not enough depth to the wall itself to bolt anything to it. Marco overcame this in one area by literally wedging wood supports between ceiling and floor and affixing steel rails to that -- and then affixed the shelves to the rails.

He has a deadline of Sunday for going through -- and throwing out most of -- some stacks of magazines that have been driving me crazy.

Anyway thanks everyone and have a great Friday!


Hi Kim..you are in my blog roll that shows me your last post, and I keep checking and reading cos I know you too !!! :-)

Have a great weekend...I am back over in August, are you around??

Tammi Rice

Love the curtains! So bright and happy - how can you not smile when you wake up to that!


Hi Kim

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog..ah it made me feel really happy..Yes I have linked up with lots oflovely people, and you are one of them :-)

Do you have an email address...mine is annearnott1@hotmail.com

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