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September 15, 2009


Elizabeth Harper

What is it that makes them so sure you're not American? Any ideas?




I don't know!!  I think I couldn't *look* any more American . . .dressed in t-shirt and jeans, a bit overweight . . .it's very curious to me.


I am not sure about you "looking" American...but you "do" sound American...LOL...

Diana Strinati Baur

I think they mean it as a compliment, which is the roughest part of all... what they mean is you are not the stereotypical overweight American who makes no effort to speak their language and is very loud. (oh stop about being overweight, I have padding on my hips too....which just makes us both more fabulous, kind of, right?)


Cherokee Nation!!!!!!!!!!


That's one of the more bizarre things . . . the reason the French think I'm English is because I supposedly have a British accent in French.  I can't imagine!

nyc/caribbean ragazza

I was going to ask the same question...why do all these people assume you are not American? Not all of us walk around with fanny packs and oversized t-shirts. ha!

Diana Strinati Baur

Here they all want to know if I am Swiss. Now that's wierd. Trust me, my German's ok, but it ain't all that.

Kim B.

Today, a French guy actually said to me, "Ah, you with your American accent."

I swear, I almost jumped over the counter and kissed him.


Amazing customer comments and loved the chain of comments on this post too!

Fun that a French guy recognised your American accent -- I wonder if it's something about your OK inflections or pronunciations (vs., say, NY) that keeps them guessing - plus you speak foreign languages soooo well.


Diana Strinati Baur

Hey Kim! The above poster gave me an idea. Maybe if you go around singing " I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No" the Parisians will recognize where you are from!

On second thought, stick with the corn being as high as an elephant's eye. It's safer in Parise.


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