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March 14, 2010


Vivian Swift

Hi Kim-
I'm so glad you left a link on Betsy Lerner's blog -- I LOVE your blog. Your travel photos are so atmospheric and your Paris notes are off beat and insightful and almost make me miss the place.

Your life sounds like such a great adventure. Are you writing a book about it? Because I've read almost every book about expats in France that has come out in the last five years and I can't think of one of them that I liked. (Having been born in Missoula, Montana I was determined to become French since I was 10 years old. And then I married a Frenchman and lost interest. But the cross-cultural experience still fascinates me and I must say, you sound like an usually likable late-in-life Francaise.) I have to confess that I'm also writing a book about France (there should be a name for this -- Rosignol Syndrome or something), about a road trip I took with my new husband in our favorite foreign country. And when I read your blog I think my book is crap. I like your writing. I hope you'll keep up the blog.

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