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May 09, 2010



Oh, what fantastic and well-deserved news! Fingers massively crossed that this all goes smoothly -- a wonderful new chapter, indeed!

I think your reflections are incredibly intelligent re doing a good job and (for now, anyway - how long until you're offered one of the 'higher' positions!?) then being free of the often-insane 24/7 stress and pressure that many exec level positions carry as a matter of course these days. Not that you couldn't do those very well, too, and already have - just you're in a different place in your life etc.

Whatever happens next, GOOD ON YA and enjoy! We will miss seeing you at the bookstore.

Cheers and *clink* -- and how great all your French colleagues now have you back as a local :)


Super super super... and well deserved, after all your perseverance..

I am so pleased and happy for you. Lets hope it all works out for you. xx


Congratulations! Hopefully we'll still cross paths at the bookstore once in a while!

Diana Strinati Baur

Got a little emotional reading this. I know what you have been through. I (with a little piece reserved for the security clearance) am over the moon happy for you. So so thrilled. Your perseverance, your modesty and your intelligence have all conspired to move you forward. I will toast you tonight with a glass of good Piemontese Barbera.


nyc/caribbean ragazza

This is so exciting!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed regarding your security clearance as well.

Congrats again.

giftsofthejourney (Elizabeth Harper)

I've been trying to get back here to comment since reading this post when I first saw it.

FINALLY ... does seem a good word to start with, you finally have a job that you can enjoy and earn more or what you're used to as well as being in familiar surroundings. I am so happy for you Kim.

Selfishly, perhaps soon there will some extra in your travel budget for exploring Cornwall. Of course, I'm not ruling out a trip to Paris to see you in your ' City of Lights ' either. :)

Big congratulations and well done!


As a person looking for a job and surrounded by people who are very well qualified and experienced also loking for a job...all I can say is WELL DONE! VERY, VERY, well done. I hope that security clearance held/holds good for you. Phew! been through that one too.


I realize you only post periodically so I stop by once a week or so to check on your blog. It's so good to see that you're excited about working at the Embassy. I must confess I have really enjoyed all the stories you tell from working at the book store. When the day comes that you leave (the store) I think that may be the one thing I'll miss most from you. I recall a time in my life when I too had to struggle for a couple years yet it was not until after I had moved on into better things that I realized just how important the past had been in preparing me for the future. I can only imagine the hope you have for the future. I hope your dreams come true. The very best to you and your husband.

from the big state below Oklahoma, lol.

Karin (an alien parisienne)

It has been a little while since I have visited here, and I'm back to wish you the very, very best with these changes coming up! Wow! How wonderful for you, and I really hope that things go well with the embassy job!

I know what you mean about leaving a book store. I mentioned to you very briefly, when we met so quickly that afternoon in WH Smith more than a month ago, that I used to work in the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver, Colorado. I was there for three years and yes, it was the best, if the most low-paying, job I have ever had. I truly look back on my book store work with joy and warm memories. So I can understand the bittersweetness involved with leaving. Well, eventually. I hope working weekends there will go all right for you. :)

Be well, best as you transition into this new opportunity, and I hope you get to keep blogging about it all!


So, does your new job mean no more blog posts? I miss you, Sassiland!


Dear Sassiland - We (your rabid readers) are waiting with baited breath for something...anything...to be published to update us on your comings, goings and in-betweens. While we've no doubt that you consider your life much too mundane to bother sharing with us, we (you know, the fans) would love to know what you've been up to, where you've been, who you've seen, and why you're neglecting us!

One of many Kim Baker Sassi fans who feel that your writing makes us feel that we're walking along with you through your journeys.


P.S. I only had to change one you're to your. :D


Please come back, Sassiland!

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