Milanese Masala

Hello Kim! Just read how you got to Paris. Kudos for leaving a job you hated, even if it was "good" and "secure". No point in being miserable just for a paycheque.
I lived in Paris during my junior year and loved it. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

Anne A

Hi Kim, long time no hear :-( How is Marco, recovered well I hope.

There is a book signing in WH smith next week, The Sweet Life in Paris Event with David Lebovitz, which I am sure you will know about, as not only do you work there :-) you have him in your blog roll... ha ha

Hope all is well, I am back at work, which is very very slow, need to look for more, and hopefully coming back over.

Take Care Anne

Suzy Hay

Hi Kim! I can't seem to find a button to follow your blog :) Is it somewhere I am missing? Hope you are doing well! Suzy

Leanne in Italy

Hi Kim!
What a lovely blog! I look forword to reading all of your adventures and back tracking a bit too so I can get up to date!

Karin (an alien parisienne)

Hi Kim! I was just talking to my friend, Karen, on the phone, who reads your blog and who reads mine, too. I did a write-up on Elizabeth Bard's book, Lunch in Paris, and her reading at WH Smith a couple of weeks ago (almost). Karen recognized you as the blogger from Sassiland in a photo I took of Elizabeth, when you were introducing her that night. I updated my blog post with the info and a link to your blog, and thought you might like to know (and also to object, if you want me to take the info out! I hope you like what I wrote, though. :)). I love what I have read here so far (and I have an Okie connection, too, having lived in Tulsa for a couple of years from 2004-2006) and I hope to be back many times in the future!

Be well!
(an alien parisienne)

P.S. Almost forgot. Here's the link:


Hi Kim! It was great to meet you this evening, I think I'm going to start hitting all the WH Smith events, just for the company!

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